Podcast Recommendations

I recently heard someone say that podcasts are like Netflix but for free ūüôā Other than the obvious lack of visuals, it is a good analogy. There are hours and hours of original high-quality content held within podcasts, and like Netflix the offerings can be quite niche and less tightly bound to advertisers and advertisers editorial influence.

Now you have been introduced to the world of Podcasts, here are a few suggestions…

So we’ve established that Head of a Codfish is good quality ūüôā but if this has been your first foray into the world of podcasts you are probably asking “what else is out there worth listening to?”.

Finding new podcasts can be tricky. Searching in podcast listening apps can be hit and miss as they can tend to search mostly on the podcast title. So searching for “kids science” may not lead you to “Tumble”. Podcasts are also quite susceptible to ‘pod fade’ (where podcasts disappear after a few episodes) so results tend to be peppered with content that is no longer being added to.

So to start you off, here is a list of podcasts worth exploring. I have listened to some but not all of these. New podcasts are being launched every day so let me know if you find any other gems to add to the list.

How to find podcasts from this list

The website links are to the website about each of the¬†podcasts, which may or may not have a link to episodes to listen to. Don’t bother clicking on the RSS Feed links!
The best way to listen or subscribe to them is to search for the exact podcast name in your podcast app. If your app doesn’t list it, then go to the RSS feed link, copy the URL of that page (don’t worry, the page will just be a whole heap of tags and it won’t make sense), then paste the URL in the search bar of your podcast app. It should then find the podcast and you can listen or subscribe.

The No-brainers

These are part of the podcast furniture, everyone should have at least one of them on their list

Well-known Australians

  • Chat 10 Looks 3 (Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb): WebsiteRSS Feed – Come for the intelligent banter and book talk but not for the sound quality (Edit: sound quality is now excellent, long live Brenda!)
  • Bang On (Myf¬†Warhurst and Zan Rowe): WebsiteRSS Feed
  • The Osher Gunsberg Podcast: WebsiteRSS Feed – Long interview format
  • Story Club: WebsiteRSS Feed – short hilarious episodes
  • Ten Questions with Adam Zwar: WebsiteRSS Feed – Short interview format
  • The Full Catastrophe: WebsiteRSS Feed
  • Childproof (Tony Martin and Geraldine Quinn): WebsiteRSS Feed
  • Ladies we need to talk (Yumi Stynes): WebsiteRSS Feed

Australian Comedians

Just Good Quality Podcasts

Australian Politics

A bit quirky

True Crime


Podcasts for Kids

Communication/Digital Communication/Technology

Adelaide Podcasters

Podcasts for Podcasters

  • Free Podcast Course (John Lee Dumas): Website RSS Feed – If you are interested in podcasting, listen to this by all means but please don’t stop here, there are deeper and better resources to chase it with.
  • The Audacity to Podcast: WebsiteRSS Feed¬†– very detailed with the more technical stuff
  • Should I Start a Podcast?: WebsiteRSS Feed¬†– Australian podcasting content!
  • The Podcast Producers: WebsiteRSS Feed – 2 seasons available, season 1 is excellent for the non-technical aspects
  • Podcasters’ Roundtable: WebsiteRSS Feed
  • She Podcasts: WebsiteRSS Feed
  • Audiocraft: WebsiteRSS Feed –¬†More Australian Content, yay!
  • Podschool Podcast: WebsiteRSS Feed