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  • Road Trip Podcast Playlist
    January 4, 2018
    Road trips at this time of year are perfect for bingeing on a new podcast or two – just you, the open road and some sparkling conversation. If you have a long drive coming up and are undecided on what to take a punt on, read on! Binge-worthy podcasts for grownups Got the car to
  • Podcast Recommendations
    November 7, 2017
    I recently heard someone say that podcasts are like Netflix but for free 🙂 Other than the obvious lack of visuals, it is a good analogy. There are hours and hours of original high-quality content held within podcasts, and like Netflix the offerings can be quite niche and less tightly bound to
  • Why are so many people talking about podcasts?
    September 9, 2017
    Why are so many people talking about podcasts? Podcasts are getting more and more popular. When I ask people if they listen to podcasts I would say the majority haven’t, but those that haven’t do have the concept that it is something they should look into. So why are podcasts getting so
  • 8 Things I’ve Learnt from Interviewing Working Parents
    August 27, 2017
    I spend a lot of time talking to working parents. Or should I say I spend countless hours trying to schedule interviews with working parents, and very occasionally succeeding. The beauty of interviewing working parents (in lieu of snatched conversations between toddler toilet trips or mediating

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