Episode 14: Hayley

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In this episode, I get interviewed! Hayley is a mother of 3 who worked part-time (until recently) in Digital Marketing. We talk about the various different ways my family has been structured, what works best for who and being a family with 2 part-time workers. I was interviewed by Meaghan friend of the podcast from Episode 10.

The Lowdown

– Family of 5
– 1 working parent (full time)
– 1 parent “between jobs”
– 3 children
– 2 at school
– 1 at home/childcare


4:14 Sleep
5:00 Causing my own lack of sleep
6:32 Who are the people in your family and how are they occupied
6:56 Lots of running around and juggling
7:46 After school activities
8:00 Putting limits on activities
8:40 Doesn’t work for school team sports
9:30 Late activities and meal rush job
11:30 Parenting superpowers
11:38 Looking after children’s needs
12:20 Husbands superpowers
12:24 Gets stuff done quicker
13:30 Good combination of roles
14:00 Being fun at the end of the day
14:20 Working and having more energy at the end of the day for kids and domestic stuff
16:02 Being busier and more productive
16:50 How is childcare managed
17:20 Logistics of kids and cars and carparks
18:20 Finishing early for school pick up
20:24 Would you do things differently if you could?
22:10 The advantages of having no family close by
22:40 Forced us into different territory (which is a good thing!)
23:22 Jealous of others that have more immediate support
23:54 Develops different and better skills
24:40 What works well
24:58 Splitting stuff up between parents well
25:20 Splitting up the finishing at school time
25:50 Downsides
26:20 Less balanced now than we used to be
26:58 2 parents working part-time
27:40 Handing over the medical appointments
28:54 Different combinations
29:06 Home based business/full time out of the home/1 day working from home
30: 10 Both be hands-on with those days
30:20What versions worked best?
30:26 Works best for who?
31:16 2 part-timers
31:30 Recently made redundant
32:14 Getting 3 in school
32:56 Employment is hard and I don’t feel like I have the options
33:50 A bit all over the place with want I want to do next
34:22 If looking at part-time am I limiting myself too much?
34:38 Both parents working 4 days a good middle ground
35:22 OSHC and kids that would rather spend time with me
36:32 Not sure if 5 days childcare and OSHC would be a good thing for the family at this time
37:08 2-year-old still gets very tired
38:00 Would be meltdown city
38:38 Starting to get rid of the daytime sleep
39:50 The twilight zone between different sleep patterns
40:50 Family responsibilities well supported – some good some not so good
44:16 Working with people who aren’t in the young children stage of life
46:10 Previous workplace could make a lot of improvements
46:48 Work was questioned not because of work outcomes but purely less hours
48:10 Flexitime and core work hours
48:58 Sharing the mental load – creates a gap for things to fall into
50:18 Kindy committee space cadet
51:26 OK on balance
52:16 Getting 2 kids to school has got better
52:54 Sports day subway fail
53:58 Kids use it to their advantage
54:10 Is this what you thought family would look like?
54:22 Feel the distance from family more than I realised
55:40 Parenting more physical than I thought it would be
56:30 Toilet training a 2-year-old with a newborn
58:28 Any advice
58:34 Talk about it
59:50 Read ‘The Wife Drought’ by Annabel Crabb
1:00:32 Be realistic
1:02:04 It is an evolution

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It depends who you ask, my husband's work would say it was best when I was working from home because he could travel and work long hours, he had he freedom because of me being at home. From my perspective having us both sharing the domestic work, childcare and money earning was what worked best.   Be realistic about what you can achieve. Things do get harder