Head of a Codfish: A podcast about modern working families

How to Listen to Head of a Codfish

Don’t know how to listen to a Podcast? Read on!

What is a podcast?

Essentially a podcast is a sound file/series of sound files that sit on a web server that anyone on the internet can listen to, plus a bit of technology that – when you are subscribed – will tell you when new content is available. They used to be something you listened to on an iPod – hence the name – but now you can listen to podcasts on all sorts of devices and platforms.

How to listen

  • The easiest way to listen to the current episode of Head of a Codfish is to go to the Home page and click the play button on the player.
  • Or click the download link and have the mp3 file downloaded ready for you to play it.

If you want to listen to a specific episode, find that episode on the All Episodes page, go to the page for that episode and click the play button. Easy!

But I love this podcast so much that I want to be notified when a new one is released. How can I do that?

My personal preference for subscribing and listening to podcasts is via Podcast app on my smartphone. I tell my Podcast app which podcasts I want to subscribe to, then whenever I go into the app it shows me what new episodes have appeared and I can then download and play them at my convenience. There are different Podcast apps to choose from:

  • I use Pocket Casts (Android, Apple and Windows) which is not free – but pretty low cost – and does an excellent job.

Other popular options are:

Once you have chosen an app either search for ‘Head of a Codfish’ or if you are able to enter an RSS feed, enter this: http://www.headofacodfish.com/feed/podcast/

If you aren’t interested in a podcast app, this website is a blog so you can subscribe to the blog and be notified that way. I use Feedly which is a blog reading app (Android, Apple and web based – free) and I subscribe to the blogs I like and the new posts just appear in the app like magic!

Don’t know how to listen to the podcast?

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