Episode 04: Alina

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In this episode, I interview Alina, HR superstar and mother of 2 boys. Features job sharing and the carseat urinal!

The Lowdown

– Family of 4
– 2 Working Parents
– 1 part-time (4 days a week)
– 1 full-time
– 3 year old
– 1 year old


3:06 Sleep
3:36 Sleep ins are non-existent
5:02 Who are the people in your family? Who does what when?
5:46 Doing 5 days worth of work in 4 days
6:16 Productivity of the 4-day working week
7:30 Intense working days then a day off
7:48 Parenting super powers
8:38 Providing the feminine aspects to a family
9:08 The organiser
9:50 The fun one
10:28 Impromptu dance parties
11:06 Not enough energy to be the fun one
11:40 How is childcare managed?
12:42 Splitting the drop offs and pick ups to make the day shorter
13:12 Could you choose your own path?
14:16 More time with family child care?
14:34 What works well?
14:46 Going from 1 child to 2
15:20 Guidance from friends
15:24 Household roster
16:12 Eating dinner together as a family
16:28 Chest freezer and bulk cooking
16:44 Downsides?
16:55 Tired kids
17:14 Tired pre-schoolers vs tired school kids
17:37 Illness in the first winter at childcare
18:42 Who takes the day off when kids are sick?
19:55 A sick day takes up more of a part-time week
21:10 Working from home with sick kids
22:04 The babysitters (grandparents) catching the bug
23:40 What other arrangements have you had in the past?
24:02 Job sharing
24:56 How did the job sharing come about?
25:12 Proposed plan for maternity and beyond
26:22 Next steps?
26:38 Work travel
28:32 Do you feel well supported?
29:14 Society hasn’t caught up with males and family responsibilities
29:26 Different approaches to work
30:34 Did you consider doing things differently due to your different approaches to work?
31:04 Family is willing but is the workplace?
31:32 Husbands experiencing the family penalty
32:20 Australia is very far behind
32:44 Being on the other side – flexible work arrangements of the staff you work with?
33:04 All bar one are female
33:38 Different types of work more suited to flexible work?
33:58 Not necessarily!
34:00 Job sharing and decision making
34:02 Job sharing working well when there is lower level decision making
35:02 Workers with flexible working arrangements will generally be more productive, give more back and will be more loyal
35:28 Flexible work arrangements as a non-financial incentive
35:40 Interviewer grovels to interviewee to be her boss
36:12 Working from home not a great option in some cases
36:36 Working from home with children at home
38:34 Funny or disastrous moments
38:38 Yes everyday
39:44 Carseat urinal
40:13 No packed lunch!
40:50 Online canteen lunch orders – the best!
41:22 Is your version of family what you thought it would be?
42:04 Advice?
42:14 Lower your standards!
42:40 So important that home time is not cleaning time
42:52 Get a deep freeze
43:39 Date night

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                                     If people are given flexible working arrangements, they will generally be more productive and they will give more back and they will be more loyal and hence you are not having issues with staff retention       Loweryour standards