Road Trip Podcast Playlist

Road trips at this time of year are perfect for bingeing on a new podcast or two – just you, the open road and some sparkling conversation. If you have a long drive coming up and are undecided on what to take a punt on, read on!

Binge-worthy podcasts for grownups

Got the car to yourself? These are the ones you can break out when you don’t need to worry about little ears listening.

S-Town –
S-Town is very compelling and who doesn’t love a quirky southern American accent. Twists and turns aplenty, it is impossible not to keep hitting ‘Next Episode’.

Dirty John
“A true story about seduction, deception, forgiveness, denial, and ultimately, survival”, pretty juicy huh? This podcast brings out all the emotions and you will want to scream at the ‘characters’ more than once.

Free to a Good Home
Where would we be without Craigslist and Gumtree? Listen to a few episodes and you will realise the answer to ‘Is this a sex thing?’ is ALWAYS yes.

Mum Says My Memoir is a Lie
A fascinating study of a mother and daughter (Rosie Waterland) and their separate and often contradictory recollections of a childhood filled with alcoholism, drug addiction, questionable decisions and love. Sometimes it feels too much with intensely personal conversations laid out for us to listen to, but it is well worth a listen.

Only 5 episodes so it won’t take all day, but if you like true crime stories this is a must. The story behind this podcast is still evolving and as far as I am aware this is the only podcast that has prompted a ‘spoiler alert’ on an ABC News Bulletin which included details of the case.

Chat 10 Looks 3
Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales talk books, popular culture, the other types of culture, cooking, podcasts and butt acne prone tuba players. Like having a conversation with your most famous, fun, intelligent, and witty friends.

Sharing a car with your offspring?

You will need some podcasts that will entertain them and not make you want to stab yourself with hot pokers (My Little Pony Podcast, I’m looking at you). This list includes podcasts specifically targeting kids and also ones for adults that contain kid appropriate themes that you can pick and choose individual episodes as you see fit.

Short and Curly
There will never be a list of kids podcasts that I don’t put Short and Curly on, it is just that good. It is a kids ethics podcast, asking the difficult questions about our society and the choices we make. See also Pickle, a spin off series that has been repurposed to work for American audiences, featuring Carl from Short and Curly.

Conversations with Richard Fidler

The master of the interview format podcast. The topics on this podcast vary greatly so best to pick out the ones you think are appropriate for your family. Hint: Take a punt on some of the more obscure sounding ones, these interviews have a way of bringing out the infectious passion for even the most mundane sounding topics.

Brains On
There are a few American podcasts in the area of children’s science, but this is the one I prefer to listen to so who cares what my kids think – haha! The tone is less ‘talk down to the audience’ and they call on some pretty accomplished experts to answer questions. What these people don’t know about animals farting is just not worth knowing!

Invisibilia – Latin for Invisible things – looks at the hidden forces that make us do what we do. Part medical science part storytelling, it will certainly make you think about the behaviour of yourself and others differently.

Story Pirates
A unique format, the Story Pirates takes a story written by a child and make it into a catchy song. So catchy I recently sang ‘All 8 Unicorns’ for days after a road trip. Fun and silly but you don’t want to listen to them all back to back, just chuck one in the playlist every now and then.


Have a good holiday and I hope you have wi-fi at your destination to download more podcasts for the trip home 🙂