Episode 19: Abi

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In Episode 19, we talk to Abi who has 2 primary school aged children and works 4 days a week. We talk about being open to different possibilities with childcare and sharing the load of school pick up and drop offs.

The Lowdown

– Family of 4
– 1 parent working 4 days
– 1 parent working full-time
– 2 school-aged children

3:26 How much sleep
3:34 Enough!
3:50 Who is in your family
4:18 Parenting superpowers
4:22 The organiser
4:50 Minister for social engagements
5:10 The online calendar
6:18 Child pick up appointment in work calendar
6:36 Calendar blocked out so meetings can’t be scheduled
7:00 Husbands parenting superpowers
7:06 Fun, handy, practical
7:30 Challenges children more
8:30 Children and safety/risk
9:30 Feeling comfortable to say no
10:24 Children making you brave
10:56 Don’t want them to see your fear
12:00 Flying
14:00 This is a bloomin small plane
15:08 How is childcare managed
15:30 School holidays
16:00 Have you been able to choose your path?
16:16 Fairly in control
16:26 Childcare availability brought things forward
16:50 Working 1 day a week initially
17:20 More flexibility once you are part of the childcare system
17:54 Been able to get the amount of care we needed
18:10 1 day a week was a bit weird
19:00 Building up days of work
21:04 What works well
21:12 Sharing pick ups and drop offs
21:28 Kids getting older and being more independent
22:32 Downsides?
22:38 Tight time budget at work
22:50 Not much wiggle room
23:56 Dump them at the school gate
25:12 Watching the clock and doing the minimum hours
26:30 Staying late then doing the after-hours activity pick up
28:08 Any other combinations?
28:44 Kindy hours
29:04 Shared pick up with a friend, each picking up both kids on one day while the other worked.
29:48 Later a paid arrange with same friend for a full day
30:10 Made the difference between doing kindy and doing childcare that year
31:10 Friend more flexible with hours than chilcare
31:40 Had arrangements for sick days
32:22 What worked best?
32:30 Childcare is so straightforward
34:54 Next step?
35:24 High School with no OSHC
35:42 Back to 2 different schools and no longer walking together
37:54 Are you families paid work environments supportive?
38:06 Flexibility
40:00 Value and support employees so they stick around
40:30 Funny or disasterous moments?
41:02 Travel/sleep/clock fail
44:42 Is family what you thought it would look like?
45:14 Parents on the same page with parenting
46:06 Any advice?
46:12 Be flexible, ask for help
46:30 Be aware of your workplace culture around flexible work
46:48 Be open to ideas
47:00 Don’t be afraid to make changes

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Prepare to be flexible in terms of what the options are for childcare or work       They are trying to show they're valuing employees, supporting the employees so they will stick around       If things aren't working, don't be afraid to change them. If something's not working, I think it's important to try and look for a way to resolve it, even if it is just asking for help in the first instance.