Episode 03: Rachel

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In this episode, I interview Rachel, one of my school mums who is working, studying and raising 3 kids. Features scheduling failures and a dog!

The Lowdown

– Family of 5
– 2 Working Parents
– 1 part-time/casual work (relief teaching) and studying
– 1 part-time work
– 11 year old
– 8 year old (special needs)
– 7 year old


4:38 Sleep
5:08 Who are the people in your family? Who does what when?
7:06 Parenting super powers
7:29 Doing lots of things at a time
9:01 2 different schools
9:25 Calming influence
10:02 Picking up each others slack
10:51 Relief teaching with school pick up and drop offs
11:05 OSHC (Out of school hours care)
11:47 Have you been able to choose your own path?
12:40 Feeling restricted in how much you can do
13:18 Both partners feeling restricted?
13:51 The extra load of a special needs family
14:28 2 part time workers
15:06 Pressure of being solely responsible
16:20 Men and retrenchment
16:58 American example of larger numbers of men losing manufacturing jobs and taking on child care
19:30 What works well?
19:54 Children taking on more responsibility
21:30 Downsides?
22:00 Individual time with each child
22:10 What else have you tried
22:58 Casual employment and childcare
23:47 Has it got easier (please say yes!)
24:24 As it gets easier you take more on – like study
24:48 What is the next step?
25:08 Fitting university placements around work
25:30 Won’t somebody think of the….dog?
26:03 Impact of university placements on husbands work load
26:54 Supportive work environments?
27:04 Relief teaching = many different work environments, no single person to negotiate with
28:58 Funny or disastrous moments?
28:40 University Placement + Relief teaching fail
30:12 Is this what you thought family would look like? – NO!
31:24 Not having a job when you start a family
33:12 Flip side – having a job that you have to go back to
35:02 Any advice?

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I think that being out of the workforce for a certain length of time, and then trying to get back in can be difficult, and you can feel like you are starting behind where you were before        Pace yourself, it is not a sprint, it is more a marathon